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Slimaglutide® - Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals 180 Tabs


Slimaglutide® by Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals

Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to weight loss and blood sugar metabolism support? Slimaglutide® is not just another supplement—it's a breakthrough in natural wellness. Crafted after a year of meticulous research, this novel weight loss aid combines the power of nature with cutting-edge science.

Natural & Powerful Formula

  • A blend of natural, primarily plant-based ingredients.
  • Utilizes Cyclosome® Berberine and 10 GLP-1 Receptor agonists.
  • Over a year of dedicated research.
  • Developed for effective blood sugar metabolism support and healthy weight management.*

Key Ingredients

  • Nexrutine XS® extract (97% pure) from Phellodendron bark.
  • YGDPure® extract for GLP-1 pathway support.
  • TwinCretin® from Fagonia Cretia for GIP secretion.

 Clinically Studied Berberine

  • Nexrutine® XS Cyclosome® ensures enhanced absorption.
  • Sodium caprate for optimal absorption and GI comfort during supplementation.

 Effective Weight Loss Support

  • Modulates insulin response and improves blood sugar profile.
  • Positive effects on body composition and adipose tissue distribution.

 Proven Results

  • Clinical trial with YGD extract: 11.2 lbs lost vs. 0.7 lbs with placebo (45-day trial).
  • TwinCretin® stimulates GLP-1 and GIP secretion for appetite control and weight loss.

 Addressing Modern Health Concerns

  • Responds to increased consumer interest in berberine.
  • Targets blood sugar and cholesterol concerns naturally and effectively.



Take three (3) tablets with 4 ounces or less of water twice daily on an empty stomach. Take first dose in the morning and second dose in the afternoon.  Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Disclaimer: Slimaglutide® supports metabolic health and weight management. Individual results may vary. Consult with a healthcare professional before use.