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Sgt. Slaughter EXTREME Fat Burner - RCN (60 capsules)


SGT Slaughter Extreme is a potent fat burner that has been formulated to help eliminate any excess lipid accumulations that might have gathered due to lifestyle choices. It’s time to wage war on fat and Slaughter it!


It’s time to wage war on fat and Slaughter it!

  • Support metabolism – through the delivery of key proteins, EFA’s and amino acids, Slaughter is able to raise basal metabolic working rates. This leads to an increase in overall weight loss capacity as well as athletic output.
  • Control Appetite – through the control of certain neuronal exchanges between the stomach and brain, Slaughter is able to reduce unwanted cravings and incessant urges to eat. This helps in reducing caloric intake, thereby reducing overall fat levels.
  • Regulate Energy Levels – due to the presence of stimulants in our unique blend, Slaughter allows us to achieve higher energy levels. This allows you to function at a high rate and be more effective throughout the course of your workout sessions.


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Support Metabolism

Control Appetite

Regulate Energy Levels


"Works so well! I can't live without it!."

Ella H.

November 15th, 2021

"I'm loving SGT Slaughter so much. I feel energized for my workout, product during th day and no crash. I haven't to raid the cupboard for snacks in between scheduled meals. I was a bit nervous to try it but I am so glad I did! "

Rebecca M..

October 13th, 2021

"Not only is the product a must have for me, the delivery service is excellent."

Josh M.

June 7th, 2021


How to use

Take one (1) serving, twice per day separated by at least six (6) hours. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage (2 servings per day).