Revive MD

Probiotic - Revive MD (30 Caps)

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Revive MD Probiotic

Revive Probiotic contains 5 scientifically supported and tested probiotic strains. This blend of tested strains was chosen due to the strains’ ability to reach the gastrointestinal tract and colonize, unlike many other probiotics on the market today. Probiotics that can cultivate once they reach their destination help balance the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut. As the ratio becomes more balanced, gastrointestinal health improves.

Revive Probiotic Highlights

  •  May help support intestinal microbiota
  •  Helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria
  •  Stimulates activity of the immune system

Revive MD Probiotics FAQs

  • Why is the CFU count lower than others in the market?

It is a misconception that a higher CFU count is better. In fact, many probiotic strains never reach the gastrointestinal tract because they are destroyed by stomach acids. A high number of CFUs on its own does not say much about the quality of a probiotic supplement. When choosing strains, it is most important that they can make it to the GI tract and once there, colonize.

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