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Pro IGF -Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals (250 tabs)

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This is the premier product for serious bodybuilders and athletes - Over 1000% more IGF-1 than Deer Antler and other IGF products! This product has been used by both bodybuilders and professional athletes providing support during extreme exercise or athletic events. Pro-IGF-1™ contains a concentrated source of the growth factor matrix and co-factors extracted from a proprietary whey protein and aids recovery and supports the various metabolic processes that occur in the body at the cell level.


Key Benefits 

  • May help support regulate fat for use as energy, resulting in fat loss.
  • May help support to anti-aging. As we get older, IGF-1 production slows down and this results in cell reduction. Low levels of IGF-1 are linked to heart failure, lower brain cell regulation, and neuron function. Not to mention muscle tissue breakdown.
  • May help support a increase nutrient shuttling (protein synthesis).
  • May help increases the regenerative functions of nerve tissues.
  • May help boosts the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle tissue.


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