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PCT V - Blackstone Labs (60 caps)

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Blackstone Labs PCT V | Uphold, Mend, Rise

Enter the new and improved Blackstone Labs PCT V. PCT V defends and protects your body in five distinct ways; so now even more than ever you can be confident that you will not only bounce back after a cycle but actually improve and be even better than ever. In fact, PCT V can even be used by natural competitors looking for an anabolic edge! Since its inception in 2012, Blackstone Labs has strived for nothing short of extraordinary with each release of its groundbreaking supplements. PCTIV was the ultimate Post Cycle Therapy product for our users who were looking to regain homeostasis after various cycles - especially those that can cause testosterone suppression. With testosterone suppression comes an onslaught of negative sides, and the four key ingredients of PCTIV combated them in four distinct ways.

Key Highlights of PCT V:

  • Aids natural production of testosterone
  • Saw Palmetto Extract is included to reduce the risk of hair loss
  • Increases the body's production of natural antioxidants
  • Nitrogen retention and Cortisol defense
  • Reduces any excess estrogen