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Kre-Alkalyn Creatine - EFX Sports (260 caps)


Supplements like Creatine and words like; pH, endurance, strength etc are so commonly thrown around in the fitness world. So when it comes to selecting the best supplements for your fitness journey, how do you know what is the best?

Kre Alkalyn from EFX Sports denotes a major innovation in performance supplementation due to its multi-patented, pH-Correct creatine balance technology. Their scientist, Dr. Jeff Golini, determined that “buffering” to pH-12 created a stable creatine molecule.

Kre Alkalyn is the only creatine monohydrate product produced with a pH level of 12, this is because its molecules are synthesized with ‘buffering’ agents through the use of an exclusive manufacturing procedure.

Kre Alkalyn is pH adjusted because it takes into account the acidity level of your digestive system. Therefore, creatine remains fully constant, which means your body adapts and consumes it efficiently. Because the molecules have been altered there’s no need to over dose Kre Alkalyn n the way that many athletes suggest you do with a standard creatine monohydrate formula. Prior to the breakthrough of Kre Alkalyn, creatine users commonly stated they loved its effects, but they disliked issues like bloating, cramping or upset stomach. In our trade show travels around the country, consumers frequently told us the amazing benefits of creatine supplementation didn’t outweigh having to suffer through the potential side effects.

Kre-Alkalyn EFX is the only creatine monohydrate product with a pH of 12 because its molecules are synthesized with "buffering" agents using a patented (#6,399,661) manufacturing process to make it pH-Correct.

Creatine stability is negatively influenced by acids and liquids at pH 6.9 or less. (#6,399,661). Kre-Alkalyn is the only creatine with patent protection from pH 7 to pH 14.

So when it comes to a cutting-edge creatine formula, you no longer have to look any further than Kre Alkalyn from EFX Sports!

Feel free to click this link to access the scientific studies conducted on Kre-alkalyn: [click here]

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