Swole AF

Hulk AF Pump - Swole AF



Unlock the power of HULK AF PUMP and transform your workout experience. This cutting-edge formula is engineered to ignite your muscles with explosive growth and heightened vascularity, thanks to a significant increase in blood circulation. By enhancing your circulatory system, your body becomes a nutrient-absorbing powerhouse, paving the way for substantial gains and accelerated recovery. The unique blend of ingredients in HULK AF elevates your mind-muscle connection, amplifying your workout potential. Brace yourself for an exceptional training session, massive pumps, and an unparalleled sense of focus and strength.

Key Benefits:

  • Muscle Fullness
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Improves Circulation
  • Huge Gains
  • Faster Recovery
  • Mind & Muscle Connection
  • Intense Focus & Power

Directions: Simply mix 1 scoop of HULK AF with 8-10oz (240-295ml) of water and consume 30-45 minutes before your workout. HULK AF is stimulant-free, making it compatible with El Chapo for a pre-workout nutrient boost during your workout to support improved nutrient and oxygen transport to your muscles and maintain optimal muscle cell hydration.