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Turmeric 95® - Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals (120 Tablets)



**Turmeric 95 - Improved Health and Wellness Support**

Turmeric is well-regarded for its potential health and wellness benefits, including antioxidant support, joint health, and anti-inflammatory properties. Introducing Turmeric 95, a new and enhanced version brought to you by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

With Turmeric 95, we have taken the known advantages of Turmeric and formulated it into easily consumable tablet form. Through our Cyclosome delivery technology and cognitive-enhancing nootropics, we have achieved a remarkable 30x increase in bioavailability.

Naturally, curcumin found in Turmeric has poor bioavailability, which means your body may not absorb much of it upon consumption. Additionally, much of its benefits may be broken down and metabolized before they can take effect.

With Turmeric 95, you can now experience rapid absorption, assisting in combating inflammation and harnessing all the potential benefits of Turmeric. Make your health and well-being a priority with the improved Turmeric 95 formula, ensuring you receive optimal support for your overall health.


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