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Decabolin - Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals (60 Tabs)


Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Decabolin 

Hi Tech has redefined the prohormone game with Decabolin, crafted to stand out as one of the premier stacking options in today's market. Boasting a non-liver toxic formula, it seamlessly pairs with any prohormone from the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals line. While you can experience its benefits solo, the real magic happens when you decide to STACK IT for optimal results! 

Why is Decabolin So Potent?

  • Legal 'Nandrolone' Precursor: Decabolin is the only legal precursor to "Nandrolone" available today. When you choose Decabolin (19-Nor Andro), it converts to Nandrolone—a compound known for superior lean mass building and strength gains compared to testosterone, with fewer side effects.

  • Perfect Probolic Compound: Nandrolone, also known as "Deca," embodies the ideal probolic compound. 

  • Low Side Effects: Decabolin minimizes side effects by not aromatizing to estrogen, which reduces the risk of gynecomastia or bloating. It also avoids conversion to DHT, alleviating concerns about hair loss

Hi-Tech Decabolin Benefits & Results
  • Ideal for Stacking
  • Strength & Power Output
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Does Not Aromatize to Estrogen
  • Does Not Convert to DHT
  • Not Liver Toxic