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Gainz Candy MITOBURN® - Alpha Lion (60 Caps)

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 The ONLY ingredient in Alpha Lions Gains Candy MitoBurn diet capsules is a SCIENTIFIC DOSE of MitoBurn, the first verified and trusted form of L-BAIBA (an amino acid found in both plants and animals). This revolutionary new ingredient will become your best friend for incinerating unwanted fat.

White fat represents the storage of energy in our bodies. This is the ugly fat we can see and grab on our bodies. BAIBA helps converts this bad fat into good fat resulting in an increase in energy expenditure, and a healthier metabolism.

BODY GOALS: Our Gains Candy energy supplements can help you reach your fitness and body goals. This dietary supplement amplifies the effects of your workout, helps decrease body fat, and increase lean muscle to help you get a bangin' body in no time.

DIET SUPPORT: Gains Candy is formulated to help support weight loss while keeping you healthy. The weight loss supplement can help reduce appetite, so you'll be less tempted by your desires, as well as help improve your carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity.
CANDY GAINS: Alpha Lion's Candy Gains series forms unique products for women and men that can be customized to each individual's fitness, body, and health goals. From performance to fat loss, we have you covered with high quality effectively dosed products.

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