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Gains Candy RipFactor - Alpha Lion (60 Caps)

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Get Ripped Faster.†

Gains Candy RipFactor® is the unmatched muscle-builder for concentrated muscle growth. Studies have shown significant increases in both muscle size & overall body strength in as fast as 14 days.

  • Helps Promote Healthy Overall Body Strength
  • Helps Promote Healthy Muscle Size
  • Helps Promote Healthy Muscular Endurance
  • Assists w/ Healthy Nitric Oxide Production Levels in the Body
  • Scientifically-Studied Results In As Fast As 14 Days

Modern Science Improves On Ancient Tradition

RipFACTOR® is a synergistic blend of extracts from two well-known botanicals from the ancient tradition. The development of this complex involved screening over 2,000 botanicals for their ability to promote optimal strength, endurance, and muscle gains.

Sphaeranthus indicus Flower Heads

A traditional ancient botanical, also known as East Indian Globe Thistle, the flower heads of this plant have been used for physical performance, muscle growth and longevity. 

Mangifera indica Tree Bark

The mango tree was domesticated in India over 4,000 years ago. The bark of the tree has legendary status across the regions where it grows for its numerous health benefits. RipFactor® creates potent muscle-building synergy by combining these 2 ingredients.

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