Alpha Lion

Gains Candy CALORIBURN® - Alpha Lion (60 Caps)

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Gains Candy CaloriBurn helps you increase your calorie-burning potential daily. Extracted from 100% natural Grains of Paradise, Gains Candy CaloriBurn gives you the power to experience faster fat burning.

  • Helps Increase Overall Daily Calorie Burning
  • Helps Support Promote Fat Loss & Leaner Body Composition
  • May Help support Calories from Being Stored as Fat
  • Help Aid in Preventing Weight Re-Gain
  • Help Stimulant-Free for Ultimate Stackability

Take Your Caloric Burning to Thermogenic Paradise†

 Gains Candy™ CaloriBurn GP® helps elevate your daily caloric expenditure through a potent extract of Aframomum Melegueta aka “Grains of Paradise.”

Grains of Paradise is an ancient spice known for its epic fat loss properties…

And through novel science, CaloriBurn GP® helps utilize 100% of the caloric-burning potential found within Grains of Paradise.